Hello everyone, and welcome to the portfolio/blog for me, Dylan Cockerham, passionate programmer and aspiring game developer.  As a child I was crazy about puzzles, stories, and games, and ever since picking up a love of programming in high school I’ve known that game development was the field for me.  Armed with a Master of Computer Science degree, two and a half years of professional experience working on games, and a whole lot of passion, I’m looking to carve out a place in the industry and make a name for myself. My greatest strength is in programming, especially when it comes to gameplay and UI, and I’ve also dabbled gameplay/level design as a hobby.

Aside from designing games, I also enjoying playing games, devouring book series, and playing chess and other strongly strategic board games.  I also occasionally indulge in a bit of writing as a hobby, almost exclusively in Science Fiction/Fantasy genres.  This website serves as a repository for both the games and stories that I’ve worked on, so please take a look around and enjoy yourself.

Have a happy life!